Portfolio Builder
Our online digitised stock market research tool “Skaffold” is now widely used by private investors and financial advisers across Australia.
We recognised the need for a tool that put sophisticated investment knowledge into a format that was simple and easy to use for private investors and this led to the development of “Portfolio Builder“.
Portfolio Builder draws on the robust quantitative analysis that powers the Skaffold research tool. Historical and forecast data is is sourced from Global data providers and processed through Skaffold’s algorithms, filtering out the stocks most likely to underperform and guiding the customer to a portfolio of quality stocks.
To get started, customers answer a series of general questions and Portfolio Builder then suggests a starting point portfolio of securities in response to the customer’s circumstances and preferences. The customer refines the portfolio by changing the spread of stocks across different industry sectors, different levels of market capitalisation and different levels of risk. Removing stocks that that have attributes the customers doesn’t like, or just removing any individual stock for any reason, can further refine the portfolio. The end result is a well-diversifies portfolio of quality investments, tailored to each customer.
Customers are prompted to re-align their portfolio at regular intervals to ensure that it remains consistent with their individual risk filters as markets and stocks change.
Portfolio Builder produces a portfolio in a simple, easy to use way never seen by Australian investors before.
Happy hunting! 
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