Chief Executive Officer

Peter Leodaritsis is a leading figure in the Australian securities industry with extensive experience in the banking and financial sectors spanning several decades.

Peter began his career in the banking sector, initially at Advance Bank, eventually moving to become the head of banking research at the investment banking arm of Barclays Bank, Barclays de Zoete Wedd (BZW).

After approximately six years at BZW Australia (the investment banking arm of Barclays Bank PLC) he joined retail and institutional stockbroking firm Burdette, Buckeridge & Young Limited (BBY) as head of Financial Services Research.

In 1999, Peter founded Aegis Equities Research, Australia’s first sizeable independent equities research firm which grew to become a leading funds management advisory firm with a team of 27 analysts servicing 24 private brokers and over 3,500 financial advisors across Australia and New Zealand. This encompassed many of the country’s leading Dealer Groups including BT, Securitor, Sealcorp, MLC and AMP.

Aegis was also one of the largest providers of equities research to the Online broker market community which boasted clients including CommSec, E*Trade, National Online, HSBC Direct, Charles Scwhaab, TD Waterhouse and ST.George Dragon Direct.

In 2010 Aegis was sold to Morningstar Research.

In 2016 Peter founded Mainstreet, a boutique consulting firm specialising in equities and investment product research, spanning domestic and global equities coverage, managed funds, investment products and unlisted property research. Mainstreet also delivers independent investment services, focussing on portfolio construction, investment management and corporate consulting.

Peter holds a degree in banking and finance from Canberra University and is a Senior Fellow of FINSIA, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Master Stockbroker with the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association of Australia.

He is a regular commentator, industry advocate and columnist, he was also the Securities Institute of Australia’s (now FINSIA) annual lecturer in Bank Equities Analysis between 1997 and 2003.